About Us

Decent and dignified funeral services to all.

Sentebale GAP Funeral Services was established in 2000 as a Company trading under GAP Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Sentebale GAP Funeral Services was established to bridge the GAP between rich and poor people in communities, by providing them with decent and dignified funeral services, at affordable prices.

We committed to treating people with respect and believe they need to be offered decent and dignified funerals regardless of their socio-economic class. We truly value our employees as we recognise that our success is dependent on their attitudes, skills, abilities, potential, determination, perseverance, hard work and commitment as we are see ourselves as a continuous developing organization. We always strive to treat our clients with dignity, decency, respect and a caring attitude to ensure a supportive and encouraging atmosphere always –our future and continued success is dependent on providing relevant and need satisfying products and services at all times.

As part of our Corporate Social Investment, we also support individuals from different corners of the country who have difficulty in burying their loved ones with dignity, by providing them with coffins, transport and other funeral-related needs. We provide the full range of funeral services: from transporting the deceased, handling the burial to erecting tombstones.

We provide a range of funeral scheme packages at affordable prices. The packages are designed to meet the needs of every Mosotho, regardless of their socio-economic status. Sentebale GAP Funeral Services has the capacity to conduct small and large funerals and we rank among one of the top companies capable of holding large funerals, including conducting of state funerals.

Since the funeral industry is culture-based, our market focus is local citizens and any other cultures that may require our company to handle their funeral needs – both locally and in South Africa. Sentebale GAP Funeral Services sells its products directly to the public and to groups and employer companies. We even go beyond Lesotho borders to bury people in South African townships of Wepener, Ladybrand, Zastron, Ficksburg, Soweto and others.


Our vision is to be the funeral services provider of choice in the Kingdom of Lesotho. In doing so, we strive to offer the best services always to ensure we meet (and possibly exceed) the needs of our markets, supported by our economic power and ensuring that we always respect our socio-cultural values in all that we do.


Our mission is to offer decent and dignified funeral services to the Basotho nation, at competitive prices.

In support of this, we ensure that we do all:

  • To meet and satisfy the emerging needs of our markets based on our social and economic powers as well as our cultural heritage
  • To maintain growth and distribute profits equitably amongst our group scheme members, shareholders and employees
  • To provide our employees with meaningful manpower development as well as sound growth and development opportunities